This ShibaInu Dog Is Stuck In Bush, The Way He Reacted To It Is The Funniest Ever


We know that ShibaInus dog are those types of dogs that love to explore everything around them; they are madly, deeply having that passion of never letting anything go without understanding it. Now this ShibaInu dog was suddenly stuck! Yes it’s normal, it can happen to anyone, but what happened to this ShibaInu dog is something special, he knows that he is stuck in the bush yet he is still smiling, isn’t he the cutest dog in the world? The look on his face is priceless, it seems that this Shibainu dog is not scared, when you see the bush that he is stuck in, you will feel scared, but for him, nothing is happening at all, he is happy, and cheerful. See how adorable his smile is.


On Aug 17, a Japanese Twitter user @yamamochi223 was walking around the city and he noticed this ShibaInu dog stuck in the grass bush.But he was surprised with that look so he captured a photo for him and shared it, and it went viral.

It’s not something new, ShibaInu dogs have their own personality and their own way in doing things, ShibaInu puppies have an adventurous and exploring sense, a ShibaInu dog is a very cute furry friend, the breed was first originated in Japan, and their lifespan is from 12 to 16 years old. Grooming is the most important thing for this breed because of their thick furry coat; they shed heavily twice a year. The ShibaInu dog learns really quickly, so it’s easy for you to train it. They are very playful, full of energy and protective but they love chasing any smaller animals. They are also very loyal, loving, and very funny.


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