This sneaking lion cub frightened the sweet dog, it’s an adorable scene.


Maybe they are from different kinds of natures, but it’s time to make a kind of interaction. In Cornellskop Animal Training Farm in Botriver at South Africa, this 20 seconds video had been recorded. The lion cub here is sneaking up till he reaches the dog and scare him, you will see in the scene that lion cubs are in the same place with those 2 dogs.


 This sneaking lion cub frightened the sweet dog, it's an adorable scene.

The video had been uploaded on YouTube and gained about more than 7.9 million views, but surprisingly it wasn’t a sign of success for the video. Lots of the viewers commented that it’s a kind of an animal abuse to scare a dog, or even to mix two different kinds of natures. Most of them saw that it’s not a funny thing to laugh on scaring an innocent dog. Then the uploader replied for all this and he said that the animals that lived in this farm are completely socialized and trained, they are all loved and cared for and they don’t face any kind of abuse, the farm already cares for rescued and unwanted animals.

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