This Springer spaniel was living in a cage for years; see what happened to him next.

It’s very heartwarming when you hear about an amazing rescue story; it’s amazing to see a dog that was blessed with a second chance. Meet Nelson, the Springer Spaniel dog, and his story is very touching. The workers of a shelter in the Netherlands were surprised when they found a Springer Spaniel dog that was dropped in the shelter, and what was more surprising was that the Springer spaniel dog’s heartless owners told them if someone didn’t adopt him, they can put him down!

This Springer Spaniel dog had been living outside in a small cage for about 2.5 years; he was living outside in a garden. But thankfully, after 5 days, this amazing woman heard about the story and went to the shelter to visit the dog, and she adopted the cute Nelson.

1-The first car ride ever on their way to home.


2-Nelson is exploring his new garden, and it’s way bigger than the one he used to live in.


3-He is sniffing everything!


4-Nelson was not potty trained, he needs some training.


5-Nelson with the bone!


6-He is feeling safe, and he found it the perfect time to take a nap.


In this video, you will see the Springer spaniel dog playing in the garden for the first time; he was playing fetch and playing with a little ball. His new owner did her best to train the dog and make him able to have a new life. Thankfully, she gave him a second chance at life and a forever home.

Lots of dogs out there are in need for that chance. Now, don’t hesitate, make a change in a dog’s life, give him a forever home and endless love. You will find that your life is changing to the better; lots of dogs are waiting there in shelters for your hearts to be open up for them.