This stray dog walked for 100 miles to go back to those who saved her life.


This story is very touching, but the end is very heartwarming. It all started when a pregnant stray dog from Rivadavia, Argentina, was living a difficult life in the streets, she was so skinny and tired, and the dog was underweight. She was roaming everywhere to find a safe place, and luckily, the stray dog found a loving home that could care for her, the two couples made sure that those homes were responsible enough.

The old couple offered the dog the care and love that she needs, they nursed her and helped her to go back to health. After the dog gave birth, they nursed the puppies till they were ready to go to their safe forever homes, and they sent the mother stray dog also to another home, but after two weeks, the dog wasn’t happy in her new home, all what she wanted was to go back, but how could she return back to them, the dog did the unthinkable, she disappeared from her home, and surprisingly the dog walked for about 161 kilometers which means about 100 miles, all what she wanted was to go back to the two couples, she wanted that home to be her forever one, she wanted to live with those who saved her life.

Her new owners did their best; they searched for the dog everywhere, but surprisingly after a few days, the dog showed up in Rivadavia. And the most amazing part is that when she arrived to her forever home, she went back to the old couple. But when she arrived there, she was in a terrible condition, her paws were very hurt and she was hungry and exhausted. As the old couples said, when she ate and drank water, she slept for 24 hours!

The couple were totally surprised, and they contacted her new owner, and they told him that the dog would stay with them forever, she chose to be with them.