This stray dog was hit by a car, but she never even considered giving up


Every day we hear thousands of heartbreaking stories about stray animals getting into accidents and dying or suffering for life, simply because they have no home and no one to care about them. It’s just sad how people on the street seem to think that stray animals are worthless of their attention.

However, some of these stories have happy endings, and this is one of them.

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Molly was a poor stray dog that was wandering around one day when she got hit by a car and was left with severe, crippling injuries. She could have laid there and gave up, but she didn’t! Molly bravely made her way crawling until she reached a family’s driveway. She was found by Beth Menzel, and immediately, Beth phoned someone for help, and then took Molly to the nearest shelter.

There, she was blessed with the best group of people ever! Her shelter friends raised money for her multiple surgeries, her physical therapy, and her rehabilitations, and they even found her a foster home! Throughout the video, you can see the huge progress that Molly has made since the first day she was found. Almost throughout the entire video you can see how she never stopped wagging her tail and showing her happiness, because she knew she was surrounded by friends and a family that wanted her to get better. She was even wagging her tail while wearing the supportive wheels. Molly is truly an inspiration.
Now, Molly can walk with a limp without the supportive wheels, and she is on her way to full recovery. At 1:58, when she succeeded in climbing the stairs, my smile was so wide!

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We are so proud of Molly and glad for the efforts of her rescuers, and we can be sure she will now have a long and happy life with her family, because no soul should ever be given up on.

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