This summer hack will help your dog cool down in summer’s hot days.

6-18-2015 3-31-53 PM

In summer’s hot days, dogs become very exhausted, their furry coats, they are unable to sweat, all things makes the dog feel tired from the hot weather. So it’s good to search and explore new ways to help your dog cool down and be entertained in hot days.

This owner discovered a new hack to help his dog Luke cool down. In one of those extremely hot days, he found that his dog wants to play outside, but the temperature was too high for him to handle, so he invented this hack to keep him cool down in that hot weather while he is playing inside. Luke the dog was very excited. All what you need is to bring a bowl, fill it with your favorite dog’s toys, then fill the bowl with water, and leave it in the freezer till it all freeze together. Now when it’s ready, call on your dog and take him outside, and you will be surprised by how he enjoys playing with it, he will try to get out his toys, lick the ice, and cool down. Actually I can’t describe how much fun he will get with that hack, what is amazing about it that it lasts for a long time. This will help your dog have so much fun.

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It’s nice to discover those hacks that help your dog entertained and happy, like this video of the tutorial showing how to make an adorable dog bed from an old sweater, it’s very easy to make. Don’t miss also to watch this video of this owner, who made out a glamourous dog bed from and old table, it was brilliant and easy.

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Try this summer hack now for your dog! Watch the video below and if you find it useful, share it with your dog owners you know.