This Sun bear was locked in a dark room for 2 years! Help her survive



Every day we hear about a heartbreaking story of an abused animal that had a horrible life, some of them are rescued and some of them can’t survive. This sun bear had a very difficult life, it’s very heartbreaking to know that she was kept in a dark room most of her life, her life is miserable, and full of suffering and pain.



It all started when the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand’s Volunteers went to the Buddhist temple for a check of the animals there. But they weren’t ready to discover this, because it’s really shocking. They found a 3 years old sun bear that was kept in a dark room for about two years.


They named the bear Kwan, her situation was heartbreaking, she was skinny, starving, hairless, having wounds allover her body, when you see her photos for the first time, you won’t believe that it’s actually a bear. She can’t do anything for herself, all what she did is look at her rescuers, and her eyes are saying lots of thanks because they rescued her life. When Kwan the sun bear arrived to the clinic, all what the rescuers dreamt about is to keep her alive, it seemed to be an impossible thing, the sun bear was too weak that she couldn’t eat, and she also stopped breathing for many times.


Shockingly, the temple refused at first to give the Kwan to the rescuers, but after many attempts they accepted, but shockingly there were more bears locked there in cages and dark places. In Thailand, they locked the young wild animals and locked them in dark places in the temples, and the reason is only to become disenchanted when they grow up.


You can help this helpless sun bear and all the other animals that are locked in Thailand by donating to the WFFTon this link.