This sweet dog was just eating her dinner till she was attacked in the cutest way ever

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“They fight like cats and dogs.” This saying reflects the commonly held belief that dogs and cats just can’t get along because they are natural enemies. People who share their homes with both species, or who have read The Incredible Journey, know that this is not true. Dogs and cats can form fast friendships. It is life experiences with members of the other species, and not an inborn animosity, that determines how cats and dogs feel about each other.

Even though cats and dogs differ in some main areas, there are other areas where they are very similar. Hissing and growling seem to be a universal signs of warning that even the smallest of kittens and puppies know how to produce and interpret instinctively.

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Cats and dogs living in the same household in general figure out a way to get along; they learn about each other through observation and experimentation. In cat’s case, a fly-on-the-wall observation, is their preferred approach.  A dog and a cat may develop a close friendship, share a bed, eat each other’s food, and playing together.

This video above, shows a normal day just like any other, while a sweet husky was enjoyed her dinner. A Siamese kitten thought that was the perfect time to have a “ninja attack”. That little Siamese kitten has decided that it will be a non-stop playful kitten and she attacked the sweet husky in the most cutest way, the husky’s reaction was patient and calm.

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She didn’t refuse the kitten’s playfulness and she didn’t push her away, although it was a little disturbing while having dinner. Maybe the sweet husky considered the little Siamese kitten as her own little puppy and allowed her to discover and play.

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