This toddler’s parents watch on while he approaches a wild little dear. But look closely at his hands…

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Recently, I took my 2-year-old daughter to the zoo for the first time in her life. Every time she saw an animal, she opened her eyes wide, and kept trying to approach the adorable creatures as she thought of them as potential friends. I smiled as I remembered that was exactly my feeling the same day when I was a kid at her age.

Meeting those wild animals face to face for the first time always brings a magical and marvelous feeling to any kid. I remember that I wanted to have some of these animals as forever friends. I had also tried to approach them more than it was allowed, just like my daughter did, but my mom kept telling me over and over that I could not for my own safety, just like I kept telling my beloved baby that day.

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However, I kept a certain idea in my mind for long time. I wished to have the chance to meet a certain adorable animal out there and be friends, just like what happened with the little boy in the video below, who had the chance to meet a young dear in his backyard!

With his parents watching closely of course, the curious baby bravely approaches the adorable baby deer that seems to be so gentle, he does not even flinch once although the toddler looks eager desire for grasping as all babies like to do!

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Watch the amazing video below. It is just an adorable interaction, which definitely fulfills the dream of many children. Undoubtedly, this little boy will remember this priceless moment forever!

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