This woman made her cats “listen to her”

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After retirement from teaching in the American school of the deaf, Kim Silva had free time. She was teaching the kids the sign language, but after retirement, it seems that she missed teaching so she decided to start teaching the kittens the sign language. She and her husband were deaf, both of them, and after losing one of her pets, she decided to use her experience in something new, she decided to teach her kittens, as the kids had learned the sign language from their infancy, of course they will be ready to learn the sign language. The couple has adopted Bambi, they found her on petfinder where she was in Texas in a rescue shelter, she was very smart and intelligent enough to pick the sign language, also they had Bobcat that was also clever, and he was like a sponge of language as Silva said. He was amazing and before learning the sign language, he was inactive with humans and only interacts with the other cats
In 2013, they adopted Thomasina after the death of their old cat Bear who was inactive with the sign language and never wanted to learn it. Upon bringing Thomasina, the beautiful cat has started to learn bit by bit, till all of them had learned many signs such as, “sit,”  “come,” “canned food,”  “more,” “high five,” “stay,” “circle,” “shake,” “play,” “sleep,”  “shrimp,’ “finish” and “dance” and they also can do some tricks

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In this video, captured by her son-in-law Tim O’Donnell, we can see a lot of the commands that cats have been learning as they want to communicate with their humans, she wished that her cats can sign her, she wants them to be able to ask for food, she tried with Bobcat, but she couldn’t so she will start with Bambi and Thomasina. Did you like this inspiration video? Don’t forget to share it with your friend to encourage them to adopt deaf cats, they can be amazing

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