Those cute puppies are swimming in a pool full of plastic bottles


We all know that water is the only thing that fills the pool, but in this video, you will be surprised to see this pool full of plastic bottles.

I thought that those cute puppies are interested about tennis balls, stuffed animals, chewing bones; I think everyone owned puppies before knows that. They got curious to many toys. But those puppies are very curious about the plastic bottles.

The cute puppies jumped in the pool and started to swim with all the plastic bottles. This video is adorably funny, it made my day. It’s a funny idea that you should try with your puppies, they will love it.


You should be very careful with what will your puppies play with, and you should also watch them carefully while they are playing and what they are playing with, if you find them playing with a plastic bottle, make sure that it’s safe, and make sure that the bottle cap and the paper are removed. Raising a puppy is the sweetest thing ever, you are very lucky, you are about to see how they are exploring life and experiencing everything in it, so If you got a new puppy or even rescued one, you have to know how to train it. First, you need to know more information about this breed, their body information, grooming, their healthy issues and tempers. Start to teach them that you are the owner, they have to respect you, after that you start with the basic orders, repeat it many times, you have to be patient, also prepare some treats, in each time your dog is doing something good you have to give it some.


If you have another pet like a cat in home, you have to start socializing the puppy with it to create a strong bond