Those cute Yorkie puppies may just be the cutest little guys ever.

yorkshire terriers puppy

Those beautiful puppies are the cutest thing I saw this morning, the best part was when they were fighting like human babies and when I see their sister Lo walking, she is so cute, the boys try to match their mom when they saw her barking at the annoying neighbors, they tried to do like her in a cute scene. As it’s usual, they Yorkshire Terriers think they are big dogs and will try to pick a fight with a big dog if allowed. Dogs, especially Yorkshire Terriers, are often called best friends, are wonderful companions and certainly an extremely important member of the family.

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They give unconditional love and expect nothing in return but your love and attention. They greet you with excitement, a wagging tail and dog kisses whether you have been away for one minute or for many weeks. I never get sick of this! Inside the tiny, adorable Yorkshire terrier‘s body is a feisty and confident spirit. Originally bred as ratters, the breed has become more of a companion dog and is one of the most popular dogs. Your Yorkshire Terrier puppy will be filled with energy and curiosity; always ready for a romp. Above all, he’s a loyal, loving and gentle friend, who is happiest spending time with his people. Weighing 4-7 pounds, the Yorkie is a great choice for city dwellers. Be sure to keep your Yorkie under control.

Yorkshire Terriers puppy

Even better, try to socialize your Yorkie at an early age by taking him to obedience classes. Yorkies tend to retain their puppy teeth, especially the canines. When your puppy is around five months old, check his teeth often. If you notice that an adult tooth is trying to come in but the baby tooth is still there, take him to your vet. Retained baby teeth can cause the adult teeth to come in unevenly, which may contribute to tooth decay in later years.