Those Puppies Were Found In A Trash Can, But What Happened Next Changed Their Life

9-20-2015 10-02-35 PM

I can’t believe that there are such heartless people like this in the world, what they did to these puppies are something shameful. It all started in Tampa Florida, where the police officers received a call about puppies that were found in a dumpster. When the citizen heard lots of crying, he discovered that it’s coming from the dumpster, when he came closer, he was shocked to find four puppies, and the heartless person threw them away like they are garbage, the person who did this never thought about how weak and helpless these puppies are.

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The one who threw them didn’t only throw them, he also put them in a plastic bag, and it was very tight. The police arrived instantly to the place, the puppies were about to die because of the heat, but thankfully they were rescued.

What is amazing about this story, is that when the rescuers climbed the nearby shed, they were amazed when they found the mother and her other three puppies. The mother now is feeling safe with her kids, and soon they will be put for adoption, we wish they can find a loving owner and a forever home.

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The police now are doing their best to find this heartless person who threw the puppies. Thankfully, the mother and her puppies are now in a very good condition. The family is in Hillsborough County Animal Control. The police started investigations to know who was responsible for throwing the puppies in the trash.

We are very thankful for those amazing rescuers. Nothing is more amazing than rescuing animals that were so close to death, and offer them a safe place to live. Watch the full report in the video above, and if you find it a heartwarming story, don’t forget then to share it with your family and friends.