Those Swarms of Adorable Puppies are the Best Antidepressant!

If you’re a dog owner, then you just know how much of a blessing having a dog in your house is. Dogs are incredibly kind and compassionate. They have more than once proven how intelligent they are and how quickly they can learn and acquire new skills and habits. Dogs are also very protective of their owners and anyone they have shared the house with, they are known for being brave and willing to sacrifice their own safety in order to protect those who they love. So it’s fair to say that dogs are way, way more than just pets. They are lifetime companions, and always the best friends you could ask for in those times of trouble. Ask any dog owner you know and they won’t find enough times to list all the funny and adorable moments they experienced with their dogs.

7-23-2015 2-29-45 AM

But you know what the only thing that’s better than a dog is? That’s right, it’s a puppy! Puppies are extra cute, extra playful, extra funny. And this video proves it!

I just couldn’t handle the cuteness. This video is a 1 minute compilation of puppies of various breeds overflowing their humans with love and cuddles!
When they climb up their humans and make that cloud of adorableness and rainbows and everything good in the world, my heart just melts.

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What I loved most about this video is how the puppies just seem to never get enough love. They just won’t stop being on top of their humans until they feel they got enough. But I think no matter how long the puppy swarm lasts, no one will ever complain!

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This puppy video just made my day. Make sure you share with us the cute moments you shared with your puppies, and share this video with your fellow puppy lovers!