Three horses reunited after years of being apart, you will be totally amazed.

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We know how much dogs get excited when they reunite with their owners no matter how much time they were apart, dogs will remember them no matter what, they are loyal for animals and humans. But have you ever thought that horses have the same emotions? In this video, you will find the answer.

Sue Blagburn will give us an answer for this. She owned a horse named Arthur that she sold, after years she repurchased him; Sue will reunite Arthur the horse with his other two horses’ friends that he was playing with when he was young, William and Harry.

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It was the time of the reunion, Arthur is eight and a half years old, and he was away from his playmates for about four and a half years because of a high class private competition? Do you think they will remember each other? And do you think that both horses, William and Harry, will remember their old friend?

Those questions were flying all over my mind before pressing the play button, but when I did, I was totally amazed to see this incredible reunion. Sue arranged their first meeting and invited Bruce Selkirk, one of the well-known filmmakers to record the reunion moment on camera, and it was priceless. You won’t believe how the horses reacted like when they knew each other. At first, they recognize each other, but after a few minutes, they showed real love. The horses were very happy with their reunion, so was she, Sue was very satisfied, she was very happy to see them all together again, and what is more precious is seeing them remembering each other. They are having a special bond together.

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Watch this amazing reunion and get ready to be amazed, and if you like it, share it with your family and friends.