Timo the Cat Meets a Toy Parrot, and It’s the Funniest Thing Ever

There’s always an argument going on between dog people and cat people! Although no one ends up winning the argument, it’s not hard to simply just love both!

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Cats are lovely pets, with their adorable faces and fluffy furs, they are quite hard to resist! And although cats are generally sleepy creatures, it’s undeniable that sometimes they get extra playful and extra curious, which is never a good combination! Cats playing with random objects are always fun to watch, until they break something, which usually happens! But still, we love cats more than anything, because nothing feels as good as the moment when they cuddle up to us and purr with happiness.

The internet is full of cat videos that could make anyone’s day a bit brighter. This is why we never get tired of them.But the only videos that are funnier than cat videos are those which have cats and other animals in them! Cats have the funniest reactions to different animals, it’s always very fun to watch.

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And this is one of those videos, although instead of pairing their cat up with a dog, these owners decided to try out having a parrot at home! The video shows how Timo the cat reacted when he first heard the toy parrot. Obviously, Timo was so surprised, but he was also bugged because the parrot interrupted his nap. Later on, though, Timo begins to discover the parrot more, by sniffing it and clawing at it. Well, at least now the owners know that if they get a real life parrot, Timo would definitely freak it out.

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Isn’t it hilarious? If you’ve ever had a cat and a parrot together at home, share with us your funny stories in the comments, and don’t forget to spread the laughter by sharing this video with your family and friends!