Tiny Chihuahua puppy rescued from an abandoned dumpster in Santa Rosa


A tiny 2-pound Chihuahua puppy was left injured in an abandoned dumpster located in a parking lot, near the greenhouse in Lark Hall on the Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) campus, California. The tiny puppy was discovered by a college employee on October. 27th, both of its front legs were broken.  The tiny helpless Chihuahua was suffering in pain.


The tiny Chihuahua was taken to the Sonoma County Animal Services shelter for medical attention where she was fitted with two pink casts. Shortly, she will be scheduled for surgery to repair her broken legs. Now Darla is in a foster home. The tiny Chihuahua has renamed when rescued.  She weighed 2 lbs, at an estimated age of 14 weeks.  She is on her way to a very healthy recovering. Dr. Dan Famini rechecked Darla and took these photos to share her story with the online community.


Darla’s rescuers are optimistic about getting her a forever home.  Now she is in safe hands and still has the opportunity to live a happy life. Darla will be available for adoption in around six weeks’ time, once she  completely heals.


As there has been no information about who dumped and injured her, no one was convicted.  There were no identification tags nor an electronic chip on the Chihuahua.  Santa Rosa police are assisting the animal services agency in the investigation. “At this point, we really don’t have a heck of a lot to go on,” said SRJC Police Lt. Robert Brownlee, “We’re really relying on the tip line.” Anyone who may have witnessed anything suspicious is urged to contact Sonoma County Animal Services Officer Justin Ofster at 707-565-7100.