Tony the dog is simply amazing; see what he did when his owner said hi to him.

Tony the dog is simply amazing

Dogs are amazing and friendly; it feels as if they are almost humans, they are very loving and caring animals in everything they do.

Tony the bulldog is a very sweet dog; he brings lots of happiness to his house. He plays, always, and surprisingly he can say hi too! When his owners greet him with a hi, he responds and gave them a tiny adorable sweet little wave, what an amazing dog.

The video crossed the 100,000 views on YouTube, it’s a very short video but it’s worth watching. All viewers were amazed with the move, but this made us question; what is the scientific reason behind dogs who act like humans in some stuff like what we saw in the video?

The scientific truth is that animals really act like their masters, and the fact is that our pets is just like babies, they watch and mimic our same actions and that’s how they learn.

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The university of Vienna and Oxford have made, together, an experiment to prove that, they brought ten wooden boxes and gave each dog a box and ordered them to open them, five of the dogs had opened it the same way that their owners teaches them to do, and the other five didn’t.

This means it’s easy to teach your dog thing you want them to learn, so prepare some treats to help you and start teaching your pet dog, it will be so funny if you shared it too.