Top 10 countries known for animal cruelty.


Netherlands for the last decade is known for animal cruelty, and as much as there were protests against animal cruelty, and pleaded the government for laws against animal abuse. A Dutch artist in Netherlands named Tinkebell, is also known for killing and mutilating innocent animals in the country.



There is not a day that passes without the news of dogs getting poisoned and killed in Greece. The wolves get killed, and sea turtles taken out from the sea and butchered. Known for their harsh acts towards animals, people outside the country speak to Greek people as barbaric inhumane people. In the past, it is known that they poisoned animals, tying kittens in plastic bags and disposing them, and keeping dogs in chains with no food.



When it comes to animals, Romanian people are like Greeks. Romanian people are known for killing animals in cruel ways and selling them for money. Animals are daily found surrounded by their own blood, killed by cold hearted people. They either skin them, grips their neck until they can’t breathe, and slaughtering them.



Bulgaria unlike any other country, they are known for animal torture without limits. Their favorite ways is poisoning stray kittens and dogs, and also known for people slaughtering their own dogs with no mercy. Aside from all of that, Bulgarians are known to cutting cats and dogs’ heads off and dangle them from the tree.



Venezuela is quite different, they are more interested in wild animals, such as lions, geese, and beasts. They use the usually used methods, poisoning and torturing the wild animals, they also slaughter horses.



Egypt is in a desperate need of improvement when it comes to helping helpless animals. In Egypt, not only adults do abuse stray cats and dogs, also younger boys and girls. These boys and girls are usually the people living in the streets. Animal abuse is awful and cruel in Egypt, and a story that has happened two months ago, 3 men torturing a dog till death in the streets of Egypt. And the reason? Because he protected his owner from these 3 men. So they took the dog and tortured him. However, for the first time ever, the 3 men were sentenced for 3 years in prison. Animal abuse laws are needed to be pushed in the country.



Even though Spain is breathtakingly beautiful, it has a very bad and dark side. Slaughterhouses are owned by people in the country, they use them so they could haunt poor, innocent animals down and kill them and eat them. There is also notice of murders of cats, dogs, pigs, and even calves.



China is known for skinning wolves while still alive and other furry animals, which is shamefully cruel. China has been known for the deficiency that it has for taking care of animals, there are several crimes against animals that have been noticed but nothing was done to help. No laws against animal abuse or whatsoever. There are multiple videos on the internet for Chinese people torturing stray animals and birds.



Even though Australia is known for its peaceful citizens, they don’t really take care of animals. Slaughterhouses are common in Australia, and the Australian people are known to kill large animals, like bulls and cattle, by beating them with no mercy till they die. There is a famous story in Australia that tells how a man beat a bull with an electrified prodder several times till it died.



Japanese nationals, every year, kill about 300,000 domestic cats and dogs in cruel ways. Such as poisoning them, or suffocating them, or just other ruthless ways. Some people even randomly throw cats and dogs in the river as if they are trash. They find peace in killing animals, and it sucks.