Top 10 dog breeds that are good only for experienced owners

Some dog breeds need very well experienced owners, and here are the top 10 breeds that need an experienced owner to own them.



This dog is not recommended as a family dog, because this breed is full of complexities, that’s why they need an experienced owner because this dog needs a strong leader



It is one of the most beautiful dog breeds, but the Akita dog needs an owner who puts rules. For this breed, socializing must start in the puppy hood.


3-Chow Chow

Chow Chow breed is a Chinese one, and they are one of the oldest breeds. They need an experienced owner, they are loyal, and they need an owner who puts the rules.


4-Australian Shepherd

This breed is very intelligent and smart; they are a working breed that’s why they need a leader.



The training of this dog must start from the puppy hood, and it needs an experienced handler.


6- Airedale

Airedale Terrier dogs are very cute and lovely; the name terrier comes from the Latin word terra which means earth, that’s why terrier dogs are the cutest dogs in the world. They need early socializing and training


7-Siberian Husky

An energetic, hardworking breed, need to be ruled by an owner, they need appreciation, they need lots of exercising and daily tasks to do


8-Sain Bernard

Gentle Giant, and because of that, they need good training and a good controlling owner


9-German Shepherd

A working breed, gentle and smart, they need appreciation, they need lots of exercising and daily tasks to do, and it’s the same for any working dog



The experienced owner will understand how much those dogs are precious and powerful, they are also very good with kids.


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