Tortoise can’t get enough of chasing his Pit Bull sister.

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Tortoises are known for being slow creatures, but one in Texas has great incentive for speeding it up: a fun game of chase with its canine best friend. Sheldon, a male with eight-year-old sulfate tortoise, and Dolly, a female three-year-old American pit bull terrier, have apparently become the best of friends. And they love nothing more than a game of tag. According to Whitney Hanson, the director of development and communications for the Humane Society of North Texas in Fort Worth where both lived before adoption “He’ll chase after her, she runs away and they do this for hours on end and apparently she’s been trying to get Sheldon to get interested in her favorite red ball but so far he has very little interest in it so he won’t play fetch with her but he will play chase with her,”. Then, they were adopted from the nonprofit organization by a Cynthia Jones veterinarian who works there and fell in love with both animals. Dr. Jones says they love to play chase like in this video and that Dolly even tries to get Sheldon to play with her favorite ball, though so far he had no interest. Look how speedy Sheldon is! These two are great examples of just how amazing rescued animals are and how friendship doesn’t see species!

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According to Whitney Hanson, Dolly the 3-year-old pit was taken from her previous owners in a cruelty seizure and Dr. Cynthia Jones adopted her to befriend another dog of hers — a Labrador Retriever named Daisy. While the two dogs are good friends, Dolly and Sheldon were the ones who really hit it off, Hanson said. “Daisy’s not really interested in playing chase with Sheldon and Sheldon knows that, so as soon as the dogs come outside he makes a beeline straight for Dolly …,” Hanson said.

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