Totally Unexpected, Their Dog Gets Seriously Sick After Eating This!

All dog owners know the fact that chocolate can kill dogs. However, do you know about the other many more products that can be even more dangerous to your pooches as chocolate?

While many of you know about the mushrooms poisonous to your dogs, scanning your backyards once in a while to spot and remove them, you also have to be aware of the wide range of dogs-life-threatening products that we are all commonly have in our houses. Recently, Jeni Hargrove Connor almost lost Dancer, her 1-year-old Labrador retriever, when she ingested one of these products!

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Scroll down to know this one of the most unexpected dangerous products, and be sure that your pets cannot get near to it!

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Somehow, Dancer found a big container of sugar-free gum that was in a gym bag, and she ate about 30 pieces of it. In no time, the poor Labrador suffered a seizure and appeared seriously sick! They had to rush her to the vet at the Seville Veterinary and Gilbert Emergency Animal Clinic, AZ. Watch the shocking video!

The main ingredient in the sugar-free gum caused this to Dancer is Xylitol, the sweetener substance that is found in many diet products! According to Preventive Vet, this substance is extremely toxic to dogs. It is an ingredient of many other products than diet products, such as some medications, toothpaste, mouthwash, breath strips, cough drops, peanut butter, and various candies!

Luckily, Dancer’s life could be saved. Afterwards, her family wanted all dog owners to know about their scary experience and learn from it sharing this video!

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