A Town Used To Shoot Stray Dogs, Until This Woman Changed Everything

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Angelique Schornstein, moved from the U.S to a town in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico where she found more and more dead dogs on the side of the roads. The story began when Schornstein was walking in the streets of her new neighborhood where she heard sounds that seemed like gun shots.  She had no idea what was happening until the next day when she found bodies of dead dogs on the streets.


It was something unusual for her, but the town where she moved to had little regard for stray dogs in 1990.  She found out that shooting dogs was the only method they had for Animal Control.  She knew then that she had to do something about it.

“I was horrified,” she told The Dodo.


The military would go around twice a year to kill these stray dogs as a method of population control, becasue dogs filled the streets in many packs. Schornstein said, “Because of poverty, lack of knowledge and just not caring,” that is what was done. “I never saw any dog leashed unless it was a little foo-foo dog.”

The incredible mass killings made her think to start her first spay/neuter clinic in 1994 and she made it. Schornstein, now the president of the rescue group of The Amigos De Los Animales De Todos Santos (AATS), went out in person and rounded up 16 cats to start with. A friend of hers who was a vet from the U.S, neutered the animals on the kitchen counter top where Schornstein’s boyfriend lived.

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“I asked him if he had like-minded vets from the States, and he said, ‘Yes.”  That was the start of the free clinic. AATS works on improving the lives of these dogs and cats in the whole area of Todos Santos.  They were also behind the reason all the shooting stopped.

The situation is a bit more under control these days, however, “it’s still needed every time we do it,” Schornstein said. “I can definitely tell you that the health of animals coming into clinics now is 100 percent better than it was 10 years ago. They are usually well fed.”

This is a story of courageous , positively good hearted woman who decided to help innocent souls and I’m so proud of what she has done and still doing. All my love and support!

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