True Survivor German Shepherd Fell In A Sinkhole And Had To Wait There For Three Days!

Marverick was having a break with his family when he suddenly disappeared! For three days, they searched for the lost dog along with all the neighborhood streets but they could not find any trace of him. When Lisa Van Valkenburgh, Marverick’s owner, was walking and hoping to find her lost beloved pup, she heard a sound of faint barking. At first, Lisa could not determine where the sound was coming from, she thought that it was coming from underground. Soon later, Lisa discovered that Marverick is literally beneath her! It turned out that he had been in a deep sinkhole! While they searched almost everywhere in the neighborhood, they had not thought that he had fallen in that six feet deep sinkhole and stayed there for three days!

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According to Marverick’s family, this was not the 12-years-old German shepherd first life-threatening experience that he could survive! He had also survived trapping in a raccoon trap and a car accident! After the arthritic old poor pup had been cramped inside the sinkhole for almost 72 hours, it took firefighters more than an hour to rescue him out. Though of the rough time he had gone through, he was safe and good after he had received the proper medical care by veterinarians, luckily for the ultimate survivor!

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According to the vets who examined Marverick after getting him out from the last dangerous situation, he was luckily expected to fully recover in short period. As a dog lover, I hope him better luck in the future, and I pray for him not to get in such dangerous situations anymore!

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