Two adorable kittens starting their adventures with dog Pucci.

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No one can resist the cuteness of kittens, they are all adorable and stunning, the way they move, the way they start to explore the world, and they are tiny and fluffy, and amazingly sweet, and when kittens are with dogs, you should know then that you are about to watch the cutest thing ever.


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Jacques and Belle are newborns and only 3 weeks old, once you will see them you will get the feeling that you want to eat them. They are sitting on a cozy purple blanket in the living room, Bella is very sleepy, but Jacques is very curious, he wants to explore the world with his own eyes, and discover every single place, so he tried to move, but he didn’t know that Pucci was there, well ,surprisingly, Pucci is a dog. Pucci reached the one that wasn’t ready to play, he started to bark loudly, and she wasn’t in the mood to even try to play, so when he got closer she started hissing at him, but surprisingly, Pucci got scared and he tried to hide somewhere, he tried to bury his head deep in the sofa pillows, how funny is that? Suddenly, the Cat mother came out to rescue her tiny baby, she took Bella away, far from that canine creature, little Bella seemed that she can’t leave her cozy blanket, but mama knows best.

Two adorable kittens starting their adventures with dog Pucci

This video was uploaded on YouTube and exceeds one millions views on Animal Planet Channel. Their cuteness will totally blow your mind. Watch this amazing video and share it with your family and friends.