Two Dogs Have Hilarious Way Releasing Their Extra Energy On Treadmill!

If you used to work out, you will absolutely like this video, especially if you are not totally committed sometimes. Just imagine that moment when you and your BFF are supposed to be working out seriously while one of you is obviously pretending to doso! Yeah, these two pooches in the video below are having the same moment.

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According to Amy Pishner, a dog trainer at Valor K9 Academy, dogs have treadmill training when the weather outside is not suitable for working out. For high energy dogs, as Maggie and the Havok, treadmill training is essential as an additional workout option to help them release their extra energy. Amy caught this hilarious moment on video when Maggie was having exercise on the treadmill with the German shepherd, Havok!

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Maggie lives in a farm in Wisconsin; she is known to be a high energy and hard working dog. Amy wrote that Maggie is used to be outside hours a day, and that is why she has to have some extra workout inside in the extremely cold and rainy days, so the treadmill exercise is just perfect to release her energy out.

While Havok was pushing himself really hard, Maggie seemed to get enough of the hard practice. After she ran for few times on the treadmill, she decided to have some time running off the leash on the treadmill, and she obviously loved it!

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It is nice that Amy could catch this funny video for us to watch this hilarious moment! Thanks for Amy for making me laugh out loud while watching the cute pooch enjoying the training while she is in lazy-mood!

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