Two Dogs Snuggling On A Bed As They Wait For A Loving Homes

09-11-2015 04-56-45 م

Around 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the United States, simply because too many people give up on their pets, and too few people adopt from shelters. Because of space limitation in shelters, staff members are forced to make very hard decisions to euthanize animals that haven’t been adopted. Some people think that saving dogs won’t change the world, and that’s true, but it certainly changes the dog’s world, and that counts for something surely.

At the Palm Beach Animal Care and Control, there was a photo that was captured of two pit bull dogs who were waiting for adoption.  The two pit bull dogs were not rescued together, but gradually they became friends. Some of the volunteers captured this amazing photo of them sleeping next to each other on their bed, and it is the sweetest photo ever.

Kaite, four years old, and Sugar foot, two years old, were rescued separately, and now they are hoping to find their forever homes soon. The pit bulls can be adopted together and it’s preferred, but the option of adopting just one is also available.

Pit bulls are still trying to prove that they are not dangerous; they still want to prove that they can be awesome pets, especially when they get a good chance to be raised normally.

This photo shows how amazing their personalities are.  So if you feel that you can offer them a forever home, contact the shelter on this link. If you can’t adopt them, you can certainly share their story with your family and friends, maybe the lucky owner is one of them.