Two Dogs Were Shot for Being Too Noisy, And Nothing is Happening to the Killers

8-12-2015 11-49-09 PM

Unfortunately, and even with efforts of animal lovers to spread awareness, we still see cases of animal abuse. Every day we hear lots of heartbreaking stories about dogs that are abused and subjected to difficult situations that leave their physical and psychological health at huge risk, and sometimes the abuse cases reach such a level of cruelty, where abusers actually intentionally kill the animals.


Sadly, in many countries, there are no distinct laws against animal abuse, and many animal abusers get to walk away from the horrible deeds they have done.Some of the worst accidents are those involving dog shootings. Recently, this has been happening more often than we’d like. Two recent incidents, however, caught the eyes of animal lovers because of their cruelty.


The first incident, shown in the Facebook post by the dog owner Elaine Fermin, happened in April in Bulacan, when her 9 year old dog was shot by a former police officer named DominadorCapispisan. Of course this is outrageous, but what makes it worse is that the cruel man claimed his reason was that the dog was “too noisy”!The second screenshot shows something unbelievably angering. This post is by RoxCecilioLizardo, and in it she is bragging about how her father, Antonio O. Lizardo, shot a neighbor’s dog because of the same heartless reason..thedog was barking constantly.



It’s heartbreaking to see such incidents taking place. These people think that just because they’re bigger and stronger, they have the right to take an innocent, helpless life. Sadly, they got to walk away from it, but I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time before they hurt someone else.


What we can do now is to spread awareness about this, to help save more lives. Share this with your family and friends.