Two girls saved a stray dog, and the way they did is amazing; read now!


Stray dogs face a lot of things; they face loneliness, and danger. Facing loneliness, they find that there is no one to take care of them, no one to pet or love them, and it hurts a lot. Feeling abandoned is a feeling humans hate to feel, same goes to dogs. They face a lot of danger, car accidents, or dog fights. They also face cruel people, how someone can easily push them out of the way but hitting them with their leg, or just throwing something at them. People don’t realize that dogs have feelings, and it should hurt you if you did something cruel to a dog. But there are people who are willing to help them, it’s very heartwarming to see people doing their best to save animal’s life, and offer them a second chance. But this dog is a one special case, this rescue is really precious, and by the end you will be in tears.

A girl named Amanda heard about a terrified, starving, and lost dog named Bear, and that he was alone in the park with no one to help him. Amanda decided to help that dog, and she quickly called her friend and went to see Bear the dog.


After trying to interest the dog with food but they found that there was no results, Amanda did something surprising, she curled up on the road like this, and for 20 minutes she stayed like that, till Bear the dog lost interest and walked away.


But Amanda hadn’t given up; she followed the dog and started doing the same thing.

For an hour, Amanda kept on crawling inch by inch towards the dog, still curled up.

He started getting closer, and Amanda knew that she shouldn’t grab him, so she wouldn’t crumble down the trust she just built.


Finally, she was just next to the dog, and she started comforting him by doing some cooing sounds, it’s so amazing!

You can see here how Bear the dog’s ribs are showing, but what’s more important is that Amanda and her friend, Dylan, finally earned Bear’s trust, and now they can help him.


Bear the dog allowed the girls to take him in the car.


Amanda, on the road to the vet, realized how Bear the dog simply wants to cuddle anywhere and anytime, and she happily allowed him to. It’s so amazing. Now Bear the dog is on the road to recovery.


These girls are so amazing and humane, we are thankful there are people like them trying to help animals and give them endless care and love.

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