Update: The Dog In Christmas Sweater Finally Finds A Home!

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Do you remember Bobby?  the one year old dog that was wearing the green Christmas sweater.  The shelter volunteers put the sweater on him, hoping he would attract attention of a family’s heart.

Two months later after Christmas, Bobby was listed as “Code red” because everyone passed him by and totally ignored him. Putting him down was not an option, that made his situation even harder!

For a while, it seemed like Bobby’s loneliness would never end.  He has broken the hearts of the volunteers, and my heart too! All he was able to do is just sit with his face down at the gate of his kennel. He seemed to know the feeling of being rejected and understood that no one really wanted him!

According to Urgent Dogs of Miami, his former family took his collar and leash with them when they dropped him at the shelter earlier on December!

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A photo of the sad dog wearing his green Christmas sweater has gone viral on social media with CBS news describing him as “possibly the most famous dog on Facebook”.

Bobby’s body language showed the suffering of shelter life.

Luckily, one day everything changed and Bobby got his happy ending!

“First we’re going to go to the vet to get his conditions cleared up,” his owner told CBS Miami.” Then we are going home”.

Thankfully, Bobby found the happiness he deserves. Looking back to the way he looked in that photo makes me cry. He looked so sad and miserable in that green Christmas sweater, but now his life has totally changed. Thanks to his new owner that decided to offer him love and warmth. She also insisted on taking the green Christmas sweater off him.

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