Venus the cat, not photo shopped, born that way, those 20 seconds will blow your mind


Well it’s not a photo shopped cat, she was born that way. Venus, a chimera cat, she is so different than the others, because she was born with two-toned face with two completely different color. One is completely black and the other is that orange color, also her eyes have different colors; one is green and the other is blue. It’s so amazing, she is like a miracle, and I can’t believe she exits in our world. Her owner Christina created a YouTube channel for her, named “Venus mommy”, she posts a video for her cat having a normal life, hanging out and having fun, she is absolutely adorable. Her owner said that after they saw the first picture of Venus they fell in love with her instantly, and then they bought her. She is so gorgeous and loving.

1-29-2015 9-19-15 PM

Venus is not the only Chimera cats (genetics) exits in the world, but they are rare, the Chimeras occur rarely. It’s not something that happen every day, and it also doesn’t happen just in cats, maybe you will find it in many creatures.

Cats adventures are endless, watch this video of a cat who is doing something funny when she saw her reflection in the mirror, it’s hilarious. Also don’t miss this video of a kitten that is playing a very funny game with her owner every morning. You will be totally amazed by those videos.

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