Very heart breaking video for any human bieng, not just pets lovers.

Very heart breaking video for any human body not just pets lovers.

Did you ever see something like that! . all of us knows that Chihuahua puppy is the most beautiful pet ever, but, here we are going to show a rare case for a little Chihuahua puppy who is shaking all the time and never stop trembling, when you see the video you will think the she is afraid or cold, but it is really different case, it might be the first time for you to know that there are “shaker puppies” who never stop shaking. Shaker syndrome is a disorder which causes a dog’s entire body to shake. It is also known as idiopathic cerebellitis, which describes inflammation of the cerebellum (the part of the brain that is responsible for the coordination and regulation of voluntary muscular movement) .

Stress and excitement, as well as trying to perform simple tasks, such as eating, seem to worsen the tremors, while relaxation seems to lessen them. This condition does not seem to cause any pain or show any impact on his mental state.

Dogs most often affected with this syndrome are young adults between 1 and 6 years old. The first symptoms normally appear around 1 or 2 years of age, although white dog shaker syndrome has been found in younger puppies. The shakes sometimes cause the dog to fall over when he tries to walk.

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There are several reasons that cause them to not be able to keep their balance, and as a result they shake all the time such: low blood sugar, birth defect blood, vessels of liver or immature brain. You will see that the only time when she is relaxing, when she lie down on her back. This video is very heart breaking video for such kind of pets. I wish that there is any medication for such beautiful pets, they can’t endure this suffer.