Vets said that euthanizing is the solution, but she didn’t give up.

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This story is very touching and heartwarming; this cat is a survival. Meet Oscar, a paralyzed adorable cat, he is a fighter! And here in this video, you will see the most amazing transformation. Oscar was a rescued adorable kitten, the one who rescued him rushed and took him to the vet immediately, and in the veterinarian, someone saw the cat and decided to take him back home with her. On the same day, she took him to an emergency veterinarian and for a neurologist in the next day, all what she wanted to do is to help that cat to walk on his legs again.

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Oscar was hardly eating; he barely could lift his head and swallow. Sadly, the neurologist said that there is no hope in Oscar’s case, and they should have him euthanized death! And this is the thing that the woman totally refused. She decided to try her best in helping the cat. She decided to figure out another way to help the cat, she took the cat to the Kitten Rescue organization, were they determined that his brain has been deprived of oxygen for too long, causing brain damage! They started the physical treatment, and thankfully Oscar was doing an amazing progress day by day, he started to eat more easier and too well, he got the best care, and now Oscar is so close to the full recovery, he stood on his legs and started to walk normally, and he is still on his way to the full recovery.

What this amazing woman did is very touching, we are very thankful for her, its amazing how she helped the cat and never gave up on her. And for Oscar, I think that he is the strongest cat ever.

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