Wallace had just turned 11, and it’s an adorable celebration.


It’s amazing to appreciate every single year in your pet’s life, and even celebrate it. It’s a good chance to celebrate the bond between you and your pet, and reminiscence about those happy moments you have had together.

Wallace the pit bull just turned 11, but his birthday was so special this time; this dog was diagnosed by cancer, and he was given only months more to live, so it’s a pretty different and special celebration.

First it was the cake, a bone shaped chocolate cake, it looked so delicious to eat, and for Wallace, he ate his piece in one bite. So ok, that meant it’s very delicious to eat.


The second part of the celebration was the present of Wallace; it’s time to open up the present’s box. He went to the box and his owner opened it to him. And guess what he found inside? A big box filled with stuffed animals, so Wallace can eat and cut them all. It’s adorable and funny, isn’t it? Wallace was very happy to see that, especially when his friend throws it all on his head, actually it was like a bag full of candy and sweets falling on a little kid. It’s so amazing to do all those things to your pet. Even if it’s healthy enough, give them endless love in repay of what they do for you.

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