Walter Palmer Said That He Is Not Feeling Guilty After Killing Cecil The Lion, And He Returns Back To Work!

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Cecil the lion is still making headlines till now. Months ago, we knew about the killing of Cecil the lion by Walter Palmer, but the bad news is that the dentist went back to his work today, and he still doesn’t want to say sorry about his horrible illegal killing.


Here is the sad story that has been making headlines of how Cecil, Africa’s most famous lion and a 13 year old black-maned, was killed recklessly and cruelly by an American dentist who was simply looking for a trophy to take back home. He had paid over 50 thousand dollars to travel to Zimbabwe and shoot the lion. After investigations, it appeared that Palmer hired two locals who helped him lure the lion out of the Zimbabwe National Parks, where he shot it with a bow and arrow.


In the first interview after Cecil’s death, Walter Palmer, he said that the hunt of Cecil the lion was legal, but he didn’t know that he is famous, so if he knew before, he wouldn’t have killed him. He also denied that he had paid $50,000, but on the other hand he didn’t provide any more details about the hunt. He didn’t mention anything about the kill or where is the body of Cecil the lion, all what he is sure about is that from his point of view, he didn’t do something wrong.


When he decided to get back to work, he was greeted by so many protesters with so many papers covering thedoor; there were some police officers who handled the situation. Is it the end of the story? Is Palmer back to work, normally like he didn’t do anything wrong? Isn’t he supposed to be punished for what he did? Tell us your opinion and share it with your family and friends.