Watch this dog go crazy when the mail man arrives, it’s hilarious.

12-1-2014 12-51-22 AM

It seems like dogs don’t like the mail men very much, dogs actually go crazy once they know that there is someone standing in front of the door. This cute terrier dog was sitting calmly, and he was very relaxed but the moment when the mail man arrived to put some mails through the door, the dog had gone crazy. He ran to the door and kept barking, I wonder why they act like this. Whatever the reason was, he is so adorable and funny, and you will love watching this.

Watch this dog go crazy when the mail man arrives, it's hilarious.

Terrier dogs are very cute and lovely; the name terrier comes from the Latin word terra which means earth, that’s why terrier dogs are the cutest dogs in the world, they are very loving and protective. There are more kinds of terrier breed like Australian terrier and Norfolk terrier, but all terriers have the same morals, and the same amount of loving and caring. If you own a terrier like this cute one, you should consider yourself the luckiest of all. They are very energetic and playful, also is protective and independent. They like to be around their family, and they are very good will children. The most important thing is the part of grooming, because they have a thick furry coat, so brush them daily.

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