Watch how this dog reacted to the baby’s crying.

12-17-2014 5-27-47 PM

It’s the cutest thing ever to watch today, I like those videos that contain babies and dogs, it can’t get any cuter. In this video, you will see that the little baby is sleeping in her bed, and the family’s boxer dog is sleeping right under the bed. When the baby started to cry, he rolled his eyes first, they he got up, the boxer dog noticed that the little baby is crying. The way he reacted is so touching, this boxer dog is adorable. Watch what this boxer dog had done in the video below. A Boxer dog is amazing, they are very lovely, the smartest and the strongest of all. Boxer dogs are incredible, and so protective. Boxer dogs are great family dogs.

As the owner of this boxer dog said that when they first came with their daughter, they were worried about how the dog will react, if he will be jealous or protective and loving. It’s the dream of every mother on earth to own a cute dog like this one that loves and cares for her baby, and protects him. In fact, the bond between dogs and babies is very strong, there is a special relation between dogs and children; especially babies. It’s a very loving, caring, and protective relation. It’s not an easy thing to build a strong relationship between your pet and your baby, it takes time and a little bit of work. Over time, your child and your pet will learn to love, care and respect each other. And when they grow up, they will be friends forever and always loyal to one another. Having a pet also teaches your child to be loyal and respect his friends when he grows up, and also respect any kind of animals.