Watch Ned, the cat, as he gives those two ferrets a bath.


This video is so cute! I am amazed by the way animals get along together, they teach us so many morals when we see their strong bond, the world of animals keeps on recording the most amazing relations ever, and here is a special one.

Without reading the titles, you will get that feeling that this cat is licking his own kittens, but you will be completely surprised when you know that it’s just ferrets. Ned the cat seems to have adopted the ferrets as his own. We all know that cats are full of love, happiness and kindness. He takes a fatherly role in bathing the two little ferrets.  The three of them are so adorable, all cuddled up in a basket together.  Ned seems like he is holding the ferrets with his arms wrapped around them.  Perhaps Ned is hugging the ferrets as he bathes them.  This is a great video of how different species of animals can get along.  Watch to see the interactions between Ned and the ferrets. So, don’t forget to share this amazing scene with your family and friends.

Ferrets are very cute animals, they have another name which is Mustela, and they have so many colors like black, white, brown, or maybe mixed colors. Their life span is about 8 years; the weirdest thing is that they need about 14-18 hours of sleeping.


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