Watch Now!! This White Husky Puppy is howling and talking

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It’s a fact that dogs are protective and loyal, and this dog proves it. I am amazed at the beauty and strength of this breed; pit-bull. No one could deny that they are the most incredible dogs of all. It is astonishing to see how often they come to the rescue of people without realizing the harm they might face. This video will show you one of the best stories about pit-bull courage.
A man named Steven Schumacher, he was jailed in case of domestic violence, and he brutally beat his wife. This situation could have turned out very differently if the owner had not let her pit bull out that evening. He is the real hero of the story. He saw the woman dragged across the street by her husband screaming out “Help me!” And the moment he saw this happening, he jumped instantly and saved her, he never bit the man, he just barked loudly to scare him away, which made the man under tension and lost his grip on the woman which made her able to run, she ran into the pit-bull dog’s house and she called the police instantly. I am so glad the dog went to the woman’s rescue and I am definitely glad the man was caught.

White Husky Puppy is howling and talking
The pit-bull name is Blitz, he is 2 years old dog and weighs about 170 pounds, and he is really a hero. His story had been told in news and press, Blitz’s owner was so proud of him, she said that he is wonderful, he is gentle with many morals and he is great with her family and kids. This story must be shared. Don’t forget to share it between your family and friends.

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