Watch the adorable dog playing with the horse.


We are always amazed by the relations between animals; there is special bond between them. In this video clip, you will see how Frenchie actually plays with the NYPD horse and how they become friends.  He kept on jumping and rolling around, the horse and policeman are behind a barrier but that does not bother Frenchie.  He rubs noses with the horse, dances, and plays with the horse.  In the background, you can see other people watching and taking pictures of Frenchie, all of them was amazed by what he did.  There is a little girl who wants to pet the horse but Frenchie does not agree and makes her stop, poor girl she seemed a little scared but the dog was like “he is my friend not yours”.  Then he goes right back to playing with the horse. The horse was so calm while he is watching that small creature. It’s a very cute video. This short video was captured by a passing person, who was back to the office from lunch; the amazing thing in this whole scene is how everything is interacting with each other; the dog, the horse, and the people who are watching.


This video had a great success on YouTube, after gaining more than 2.5 million views, all viewers was amazed by this cute doggie and the horse. And they are very cute friends. The video was shared widely on internet and social media websites so don’t forget to share it with your family and friends, it will make them very happy and will draw a smile on their face.