Watch the first meeting between this funny cat and the new toaster.


Cats are sweet and kind, but they get curious sometimes towards anything new or actually that pops up. You won’t stop laughing when you see this. The owner of this funny cat had bought a new toaster, so it was time for her funny cat to explore it by herself. It seems that this funny cat was getting very excited towards the new toaster, so she came closer to it, touched it, trying to know what that is. What happened in 0:19 made my jaw drop to the floor, I was really surprised.

When the toast popped up from the toaster, the funny cat fell down from the table. Poor cat must be so scared from it, her owners kept on laughing on the way this funny cat reacted and so did we. My cat did the same thing when I was making homemade popcorn; she gets too scared when the popcorn start popping, they are all cute and hilarious. They always bring us much joy with what they do. Enjoy watching the video and share the laughter with your family and friends.

It’s a fact that cats get scared from any popping up thing, so don’t let them near anything that pops like this toaster. There are thousands of things you still don’t know about your cat. They can hear very strongly, they hear 8 times stronger than us, they can hear the ultra-sonic sounds which dolphins make to communicate, they also hear stronger than dogs do. There are so many breeds of cats, like Persian cats, Bangle cats and Sphynx cats. Of course you noticed that your cat sleeps a lot, and that’s because the hormones of growing are released while sleeping, and about sleeping, cats are sleepy creatures, they sleep about 2/3 of the day, and so if a cat’s age is 9, she is only awake for three years of her entire life.