Watch the trailer of Max, the war dog movie, the story of loyalty


Having a dog as a pet is undeniably one of the best things that could happen to any of us. Our dogs ask for nothing more than love, and in return they give us friendship, fun, and experience.
But dog ownership is not just rewarding when it comes to these things. Your dog can very possibly save your life one day or the life of anyone you love.

Every day we hear stories about brave dogs being the reason that their owners are safe from any sort of danger. And in the case of war dogs, these dogs are true heroes.
The trailer you’re about to see in this video is the trailer for a movie, titled Max, which tells the story of a brave war dog after the death of his handler soldier.


Based on a true story, this movie tells the story of Max and his handler, who are deployed to Afghanistan in a time of war. When his handler dies in the war zone, Max becomes increasingly depressed and is unable to work in the field again with anyone. That is when Max is given to his handler’s family who go through the tough process of training and helping a dog that has been through such traumatizing events, he was less friendly and just scared of everyone around him. In the trailer you will see how Max quickly forms a bond with his handler’s brother, and their beautiful deep relationship will sure bring you to tears.
It’s an absolutely emotional movie that will definitely make you shed a tear, or two! And we simply can’t wait to see it. The movie Max is expected to hit theaters this June on the 26th, and is produced by Warner Brothers and MGM.

Max Movie

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