Watch this beagle dog catching the ball only with his paws.


This video is amazing, I am completely surprised, and this dog will blow your mind completely, because this dog is doing a brilliant thing. This beagle dog caught the ball with his front paws, and he did it perfectly, I am totally amazed. It seems that this dog is well trained and loved. When the owner threw the ball to the beagle dog, he caught it perfectly, you can see in the video how much people are there standing in the side of the park looking at this beagle dog while he is catching the ball. Not just that, it seems also that this beagle dog is very well known that he entered many competitions. The thing I like more about this video is the YAAY jump that this beagle dog is doing, each time after he catches the ball, he make this jump and it’s really cool. It’s the best thing to see today. Watch the video below and share it with your family and friends.

Having a beagle dog in home is a very awesome and adventurous thing, but it needs so much care especially when it’s still a little puppy. The Beagle dog breed is very bright and remarkable dogs that learn quickly, it’s very easy to teach them new tricks and they are easy in training. The best thing I like about this breed is their cute ears, also their amazing large brown eyes; they are inviting you to happiness. This breed’s original country is Great Britain; the beagle’s life span is from 12 to 15 years. Their amazing short coat is perfect in grooming; it doesn’t take much effort to look after. Beagle dogs are perfect for families and children, their temperament is amazing, they are so loving and sweet, and full of energy and playful