Watch This Boy’s Reaction When He Return Home To Find His Lost Dog

5-12-2016 4-31-49 PM

The most terrifying moment for every pet owner is to find that your dog is missing. It’s shocking; the worst expectations start to fight in your head. Some people are lucky to find their pets and reunite back with them, but sadly some other people don’t, and the lost dogs become stray ones. But thankfully, today’s story has a happy ending, and it’s all so heartwarming.

We all love happy endings, they have a magical effect that gives us hope again. Nothing is as painful as losing  a beloved friend even for a short time. The pain that we go through is something we barely handle. But what makes everything becomes much brighter is the moment we meet them again.

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Because we all love watching heartwarming reunions between lost animals and their humans, here is another amazing reunion. This family’s dog called Bruce Wayne went missing, they searched for him in every place but sadly, they didn’t find him again.

According to a Facebook post by Lorena Lopez, Bruce Wayne has been missing for a long year and 10 months. Although the long time of being missing, the family never gave up hope on finding him again!


Here is another heartwarming story, after three long years, a reunion finally happens between a soldier and his army dog. It’s not debatable that dogs are one of the most intelligent animals in the animal kingdom, which is why they are often used in the army or police forces.

Watch the video to see how was Lorena’s son, Adrian, reaction when he saw his beloved missing friend at home!

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