Watch: This bunny takes a very special shower.

1-27-2015 2-07-15 PM

This is a delightful video; I am so amazed at how still the cute white and grey bunny, his name is Cloody, lies there throughout the whole bath, it seems like the owner is amazed as well.  She is bathing the bunny in the sink.  The bunny seems to be in a Zen-like state, so relaxed, I think he had fallen asleep in the sink.  The owner runs water over the bunny but he does not move, it seems like he is really enjoying it.  You can tell it is a real bunny because his nose twitches, But he stays so still. You can also see him smiling.  Watch to see what happens throughout the entire bath when bunny takes a shower, Cloody is very beautiful and funny.

1-27-2015 2-06-42 PM

The video was uploaded on YouTube by the specialized channel of Cloody named Cloody Tube, the video gained more than 6 million reviews, and it was shared for thousands of times on all social media websites and pets’ blogs. The viewers got some negative reviews about the way the owner is holding Cloody and also about letting him lay on his back in the sink; some of them said it’s very dangerous on him. That makes the owner of Cloody replied to all these comments, she said that she holds him in a baby positon with her arms, he liked to have a shower that way, he likes the massage.  And it seemed that he is relaxed in all the video, she also said that after the bath he acts very normal and he starts to dry himself. She said that no harm reached him.

1-27-2015 2-07-01 PM