Watch this funny baby boxer, taking medicine.

1-27-2015 12-51-06 PM

If you have ever given a child medicine, you will understand how this puppy acts.  The puppy is given medicine through a dropper by its owner.  He obviously does not like the medication.  This is definitely not a video of an owner being mean to an animal.  The owner loves the puppy throughout the whole minute; the puppy was like “Oh my god, its nasty”.  There is a disclaimer saying that this reaction is normal.  Watch the puppy’s face throughout the video to see the faces it makes.  They are very funny! We are hoping that his health becomes better as soon as possible.

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If you got a new boxer puppy, you have to know how to train it. First, you need to know more information about this breed, their body information, grooming, their healthy issues and tempers. You have to know that boxers are very intelligent and easy to train. Start to teach them that you are the owner, they have to respect you, after that you start with the basic orders, repeat it many times, you have to be patient, also prepare some treats, in each time your dog is doing something good you have to give it some. If you have another pet like a cat in home, you have to start socializing the puppy with it to create a strong bond.

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this funny baby boxer, taking medicine.