Watch this heroic cat saving a small boy.

Cat save a kids life from dog attack

It’s the most horrible scene I’ve ever watched in my life. I do not think I would ever let this cat out of the house again or my child out of the house at all for that matter.  I would not let the cat out because she would be living the life of luxury for her heroic deed.  I would not let my son out because of the neighbor’s dog; I am in awe of the cat.  This is definitely a must see video (with the warning of it is not appropriate for small children). Luckily, there was a secret camera set in the street that captured all the accident.  It started when the boy was playing outside the home with his own bicycle like any normal kid in the world, a dog appears on the camera, he ran out towards the boy and bit him for just a few seconds, that’s when the boy’s cat saw it and came out pushing the dog away, surprisingly the dog got scared from the cat and ran away but the cat kept running after him till he went away. Thankfully, it wasn’t that bad; it could have gone so much worse. But the boy’s leg was harmed brutally; the owners put a picture of the injury in the video. The picture is only a few seconds but it is very painful to see.


More than 4 million Americans are bit by a dog each year, if you ever got bitten by a dog, go immediately and wash the bite with water, then place a clean bandage on the wound and go to the doctor as soon as possible, because medical care is needed.