Watch what this dog does each time his owner goes for a nap.

 Watch what this dog does each time his owner goes for a nap.

This video is so funny; I can’t stop laughing on what this dog is doing. Each time his owner lies on the couch to take a nap, his Border collie dog joins him, so each time his owner make it possible to sleep, the Border collie comes to lie in this little space left. This Border collie dog is so cute. The video is a funny compilation showing how many times the Border collie dog comes to sleep beside him and cuddle; this is so warming up in winter. The music was a great choice from the uploader; the track is named “Come out of a Lady” by Rubble bucket.

Border collie dogs are furry and charming, they are very intelligent dogs, and they are very smart as you have just so in this video. They can be trained for a very high degree because of their intelligence. Farmers always have them, because they can learn many tricks that can helps them in work. Border collie dogs are also sensitive; they also must be well socialized. Border collie can hear anything that moves, and their curiosity may let them fall for anything, so it’s better to put a fence surrounding the garden if he is an outdoor dog. Grooming is very important for Border collie, because they shed a lot, so it’s very important to brush them daily, and also don’t forget about exercising your dog, it’s important to exercise him daily.

Border collie dogs are amazing, watch this funny video of a border collie dog who wakes up every day by an alarm, I am totally amazed. I think he is ready to wake up all his family.

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So what does your dog do when it comes to nap time? Watch this funny video of this Border collie and his owner, and if you find it cool, share it with your family and friends.