Watch a behind the scene video of a dog farm

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A recent video reveals a behind the scene look at a Georgia puppy mill, which was closed down in 2014 after selling a puppy who died days later after it was purchased .

Rescuers arrived to the place, where they found about 500 dogs in terrifying conditions. The cages were small and filled with feces. Some dogs have lived their entire lives locked up in cages, on wire floors and if you think you haven’t heard enough cruelty, the dogs slept in their own bowls.

Unfortunately, situations like this are too common. It’s the ugly truth, many dogs sold in pet stores come from cruel conditions.  These breeding farms have unknown reputations, many people are not aware of their cruel and inhumane treatment towards these dogs.

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On closer inspection, you will see the dogs trapped in dirty wired cages shivering with fear. Some dogs are guarding their own puppies who were found lying on the floor, without any protection from the rough cold and bare ground.  One gray and white puppy can be clearly seen shaking and shivering with coldness; it backs itself into a corner to gain some warmth.

The adult dogs have spent their entire lives in cages, never had the chance to run freely, feel the breeze or enjoy the grass beneath their paws. The cages are concrete or wooden, clear of toys or beds.  For some of the rescued dogs, this means a lifetime of healing and overcoming emotional and physical injuries.

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Unfortunately, the video also shows whole families stuck in cages the size of dog crates. In another painful shot, a husky cowers inside a dog house, her eyes have a sad mixture of defensiveness and fear.

But for once, their suffering isn’t a secret. The rescue team sets to work on the lengthy task of saving them, removing each pup from their cage and evaluating them for any medical needs. The team took the 500-plus dogs out of their little jails and for many of the dogs this is the first time to experience love. After six weeks of care at the shelter, they were on their way to regaining their life. As puppy mill kept them continuously pregnant, there were new arrivals.

If you want to offer help, you can stop this system by considering adoption when adding new pets to your home.