Watch who shows up to rescue a scared dog fallen in an open well

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Residents of an Indian village noticed a hopeless dog trapped in an open well, they quickly called Animal Aid Unlimited, India to the scene. A dog had fallen into an open well, it was desperately struggling to make balance on a very tiny perch to keep from drowning. Nobody knows for how long has this helpless dog been stuck there. It was very scared and looked very helpless.

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But Animal Aid Unlimited shows up with unconditional risk to save the hopeless dog. Despite the hazardous conditions, the rescue team made sure to bring the hopeless pooch to safety. One of the rescue team, bravely climbed down the well using a belay technique. The minute he reached the dog it started wagging its wet tail, proving just how happy it was to see the stranger.

Once the dog saw him approaching down there, it started wagging its tail. The rescuer approached carefully, he tried to make it feel safe and secured. The rescuer then carried it carefully and climbed up the well.  The rescuer was able to lift her to safety, with some help from a few men pulling him from up above. That was risky and arduous!

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But the poor dog deserved the risk and deserved to be saved. The handmade wells are common in the Asian country, according to the animal rescue, which had previously saved a puppy from one of these muddy openings. Even bigger animals, like elephants, have fallen into such wells.

Thanks to the Animal Aid the dog is now safe we are grateful for saving it. “It is heartbreaking to even imagine what would happen to her without rescue” Animal Aid Unlimited, India wrote.

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